Friday, April 29, 2016

Pogo Brand Bootleg Minifigures List

Here is my curated collection of the Pogo Brand minifigures.  Still trying to find them all.

Original Pogo SuperHero Series - 2015

PG-1 White Lantern

PG-2 Batman

PG-3 Winter Soldier

PG-4 Crocodile Man

PG-5 Iron Man

PG-6 Black Mask

PG-7 Red Hood

PG-8 Hydra Agent

PG-9 Martian Manhunter

PG-10 Red Robin

PG-11 Gambit

PG-12 ?

PG-13 Shazam

PG-14 Shield Agent

PG-15 Deadpool

PG-16 Night Wing

PG-17 The Terminator

I don't have any of the Pogo mini-figures from 2015.  Not sure if I will buy them or not.

New Super Heroes Series - 2016

PG-001 Captain America
PG-002 Black Panter
PG-003 Winter Soldier
PG-004 Hyperion
PG-005 Captain Marvel
PG-006 Deadshot

PG-007 Batman
PG-008 Superman
PG-009 Wonder Woman

PG8009 Classic Batman
PG-014 Batman
PG-015 Catwoman
PG-016 Joker
PG-017 Dick Grayson
PG-018 Bruce Wayne
PG-019 Robin
PG-020 Alfred
PG-021 Penguin

Set: PG8006 X-Men

PG-022 Wolverine
PG-023 Rogue
PG-024 Quicksilver
PG-025 Psylocke
PG-026 Professor X
PG-027 Ice-man
PG-028 Archangel
PG-029 Mystique

PG8012 X-Men

PG-030 Warpath
PG-031 Rogue
PG-032 Bishop
PG-033 Shadowcat
PG-034 Sabretooth
PG-035 Colossus
PG-036 Cable
PG-037 Emma Frost

PG-038 White Tiger

PG-043 Kraven
PG-048 Moon Knight

PG-049 Doctor Strange

Star Wars Theme

PG-623 ARF Trooper
PG-624 ARF Shadow Trooper
PG-625 ARC Trooper

PG-626/SW-337 Princess Leia
PG-627/SW-346 Princess Leia
PG-628/SW-371 Princess Leia

PG-630 General Grevious
PG-631 General Grevious

PG8002 Star Wars

SW-194 Captain Rex
SW-202 Commander Fox
SW-299 Bomb Squad Trooper
SW-330 Commander Wolfe
SW-331 Wolfpack
SW-442 Clone Trooper
SW-491 Clone Trooper Pilot
SW-492 Clone Trooper Captain

Harry Potter Theme

PG8010 Harry Potter

PG-901 Harry Potter
PG-902 Harry Potter
PG-903 Harry Potter
PG-904 Hermione Grainger
PG-905 Ron Weasley
PG-906 Voldemort

Friday, April 22, 2016

Enlighten 1104 Street Roller Set Review

The Enlighten 1104 Street Roller.

For 2016, I found that Enlighten Blocks have released quite a few City sets.  This Street Roller caught my eye.  

The set number is 1104 and came out in the summer of 2016.  It's not a big set because it only consists of 102 pieces.  They all come in one bag and a separate small sticker sheet.

This two sided instruction sheet also comes with the street roller set.

The second page of the instruction sheet.

The sticker sheet got munched.

Here's all the parts.  It comes with one mini figure.

The assembled street roller.  I like that the colour is a light green and not the typical yellow of other construction vehicles.

The right side has a chrome exhaust pipe.

There's a couple of vents where the engine is supposed to be at the rear of the vehicle.

On the left side, a pick is attached.

Despite being quite small, I actually enjoy the look of this little street roller.

Thanks for looking!

Brand:  Enlighten
Model: 1104 Street Roller
Number of pieces: 102 
Number of minifigs: 1
Year released: 2016
Copy of Lego? No, it's an original Enlighten design
Price paid:  about $5 USD, free shipping from Aliexpress.

Friday, April 15, 2016

MG brand Mandalorian Super Commando Minifigure

Got this bootleg minifigure off ebay.  It's a knock-off of the Lego minifigure that comes in the set 75022 Mandalorian Speeder.  

I'm not familiar with this brand called MG and it doesn't have very good quality as you can see.  It's the first minifigure I have from this brand.

The colours are true to the real minifigure except the belt which should be a lot lighter.  Torso is black with depicted armour front and back.  The helmet colour is dark gray with black handprint.  Arms and legs are dark gray.   The legs are wonky and not straight.  The moulding lines on the helmet are really noticeable in a bad way.

Here's the backside view of the jetpack.  The collar that holds the jetpack to the neck has a lot of flashing in the front (see pic below).

The torso is quite loose from the hips.  The helmet comes on and off without pulling off the head like some other minifig brands.  The one faced head is true to the Lego version I think.  I think Sheng Yuan put out a better version of the Mandalorian figure in it's set SY212.  I'll have to see if it's still being sold and buy that one to compare.

Well, that's it for now, Thanks for looking.

Brand:  MG
Minifigure: Mandalorian Super Commando.
Price paid: 71 cents USD with free shipping off ebay.