Friday, April 29, 2016

Pogo Brand Bootleg Minifigures List

Here is my curated collection of the Pogo Brand minifigures.  Still trying to find them all.

Original Pogo SuperHero Series - 2015

PG-1 White Lantern

PG-2 Batman

PG-3 Winter Soldier

PG-4 Crocodile Man

PG-5 Iron Man

PG-6 Black Mask

PG-7 Red Hood

PG-8 Hydra Agent

PG-9 Martian Manhunter

PG-10 Red Robin

PG-11 Gambit

PG-12 ?

PG-13 Shazam

PG-14 Shield Agent

PG-15 Deadpool

PG-16 Night Wing

PG-17 The Terminator

I don't have any of the Pogo mini-figures from 2015.  Not sure if I will buy them or not.

New Super Heroes Series - 2016

PG-001 Captain America
PG-002 Black Panter
PG-003 Winter Soldier
PG-004 Hyperion
PG-005 Captain Marvel
PG-006 Deadshot

PG-007 Batman
PG-008 Superman
PG-009 Wonder Woman

PG8009 Classic Batman
PG-014 Batman
PG-015 Catwoman
PG-016 Joker
PG-017 Dick Grayson
PG-018 Bruce Wayne
PG-019 Robin
PG-020 Alfred
PG-021 Penguin

Set: PG8006 X-Men

PG-022 Wolverine
PG-023 Rogue
PG-024 Quicksilver
PG-025 Psylocke
PG-026 Professor X
PG-027 Ice-man
PG-028 Archangel
PG-029 Mystique

PG8012 X-Men

PG-030 Warpath
PG-031 Rogue
PG-032 Bishop
PG-033 Shadowcat
PG-034 Sabretooth
PG-035 Colossus
PG-036 Cable
PG-037 Emma Frost

PG-038 White Tiger

PG-043 Kraven
PG-048 Moon Knight

PG-049 Doctor Strange

Star Wars Theme

PG-623 ARF Trooper
PG-624 ARF Shadow Trooper
PG-625 ARC Trooper

PG-626/SW-337 Princess Leia
PG-627/SW-346 Princess Leia
PG-628/SW-371 Princess Leia

PG-630 General Grevious
PG-631 General Grevious

PG8002 Star Wars

SW-194 Captain Rex
SW-202 Commander Fox
SW-299 Bomb Squad Trooper
SW-330 Commander Wolfe
SW-331 Wolfpack
SW-442 Clone Trooper
SW-491 Clone Trooper Pilot
SW-492 Clone Trooper Captain

Harry Potter Theme

PG8010 Harry Potter

PG-901 Harry Potter
PG-902 Harry Potter
PG-903 Harry Potter
PG-904 Hermione Grainger
PG-905 Ron Weasley
PG-906 Voldemort


  1. In harry Potter PG-906 its Voldemort, not Professor Snape :)

  2. When is PG8012 out

  3. PG-12 ? is Deathstroke

  4. I got the harry potter set.. but I am unable to attach the shoulder part of the hand to the body.. any tips?