Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Lepin 15008 Green Grocer Modular Building Set Review - Part Two, lepin 15008 green grocer modular

This is part two of my Lepin Green Grocer modular review at  I'll be documenting the construction of the second floor of the Lepin set 15008.   This should be a relatively quick post, so I hope you have time to look at the pictures.   In the above picture, we are on step 10 and have added the beginnings of a fireplace and a fire escape.  I'm not impressed with the clugy looking fire escape hand rails, is there no way to make a better looking fire escape?, lepin 15008 green grocer modular

On step 20 now, we have the walls halfway bricked in with sand green bricks and a railing has been added to the interior stairwell., lepin 15008 green grocer modular
Here's how the fireplace looks now.  The dark red bricks will be the second floor curtains., lepin 15008 green grocer modular
This is the rear of the second floor.    See those small white windows?  I will be replacing them with different black ones.  I do this, because most times people won't see the back of my buildings, and because I am saving the white windows for future mods.  Only diehard modular fans will notice the difference in some of the parts I substitute., lepin 15008 green grocer modular
Here's another look at the fire escape., lepin 15008 green grocer modular
More progress has been made after step 30.  The staircase going to the third floor is in and so the small white cat is making himself at home.  All the windows are installed including the bay window and the large picture windows on the front.  Those curtains look so real.   Front balcony railings added to the front too., lepin 15008 green grocer modular
The small black windows are in.  Do you prefer the original white ones or the new black ones I've used?  The fire escape has been extended upwards by another flight., lepin 15008 green grocer modular
Second floor completed!, lepin 15008 green grocer modular
Close up look at the window details, lepin 15008 green grocer modular
Looking at the back now., lepin 15008 green grocer modular
Unlike the first floor, the second floor of the Green Grocer is quite sparse.  It only has a fireplace and some drapes.  I'll have to add some furnishings in the future., lepin 15008 green grocer modular
Here is the second floor of the Green Grocer set onto the first floor., lepin 15008 green grocer modular
Side view., lepin 15008 green grocer modular
Back view., lepin 15008 green grocer modular
The little guy seems to have found his baseball cap now.

That's it for the now.  Thanks for looking at the Lepin Green Grocer second floor pictures.  The roof section will be looked at in part three.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Enlighten 103 Police Station Modular Building Review

Way before there were Lego bootleg brands such as Lepin, Hsanhe and Wange, there was the Enlighten Brand of brick toys.  Enlighten has been creating building block sets for quite a number of years and today I'm posting pics of one of their earlier sets, the Enlighten 103 Police Station building set.

This set consists of a small modular style building on a small baseplate, a black motor tricycle and three minifigures.  I think there are 110 pieces in this set.

 Here's the trike that comes with the set.  It should be noted that I completely disassembled this set a long time ago and although I found most of the pieces again recently, there are some parts I had to substitute because I couldn't find the original parts that came with the set.

There are supposed to be three minifigs with this set, two police officers and some delivery guy with a backpack.  I can't find any of the original minifigs, so I just used some similar ones for the police.  The delivery guy is totally missing so I didn't replace him for the picture review. I'm sure he's around somewhere.

The baseplate is interesting in that it has a parking pad for the trike.  

For such a small set, it has quite a few interior accessories.  You get a control center with printed bricks, a fire extinguisher, a plant and a small table with two mugs.  The chair even swivels.

I was checking to see how much this set costs presently on Aliexpress and I found a few but they were not cheap at about $11 USD.  I think I paid about $7 a few years back.

Here are the instructions to build this set, if anyone is interested in trying to bricklink it.

Brand: Enlighten
Series: Police series
Model:  103 Police station
Number of pieces: 110

Monday, November 28, 2016

Lepin Movie Themed Building Set List

The Lepin factories must be working all day and all night to churn out as many Lego bootleg sets as they can.  In this post, I've made a list of all the movie themed building sets that are available right now on Aliexpress.  This all started with the giant 4695 piece Ghostbusters Fire House, and was soon followed by the Simpson's Kwik-E Mart knockoff set.

I'm hoping one day that Lepin will knock-off the other Lego Ghostbusters sets namely the  Ecto-1 21108 set and the newest Lego Ecto-1 and 2 set 75828.

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I'll post pictures of the sets after the list.

Set  DescriptionPieces   Lego Set and Status 
16001Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters 469575827
16002The Lego Movie - MetalBeard's Sea Cow 279170810
16004The Simpsons Kwik-E Mart223271016
16005The Simpsons House252371006
16006Pirates of the Caribbean - Black Pearl8044184 - Retired
16007Monster Fighters Haunted House214110228 - Retired
16008Disney Castle408071040
16009Pirates of the Caribbean - Queen Anne's Revenge  11514195 - Retired
16010Lord of the Rings - The Tower of Orthanc  243010237 - Retired
22001   Imperial Flagship171710210 - Retired

Pictures below., lepin 16001 ghostbusters

Lepin 16001 Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters

Oh and I found this very interesting, Did you know?, lepin 16002

Lepin 16002 Lego Movie Metalbeard's Sea Cow, lepin 16003 wall-e

Lepin 16003 Wall-E, lepin 16004 kwik-e-mart

Lepin 16004 Simpsons Kwik-E Mart, lepin 16005 simpsons

Lepin 16005 Simpsons House, lepin 16006

Lepin 16006 Pirates of the Caribbean - Black Pearl, lepin 16007

Lepin 16007 Monster Fighters Haunted House, lepin 16008

Lepin 16008 Disney Castle, lepin 16009

Lepin 16009 Pirates of the Caribbean - Queen Anne's Revenge, lepin 16010

Lepin 16010 Lord of the Rings - Tower of Orthanc, lepin 22001
Lepin 22001  Imperial Warship

I don't have any of these epic sets in my collection yet.  Maybe one day.  

If you are looking for a list of the Lepin modular buildings, you can find on my blog  here.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Hsanhe 6409-2 Apple Store Building Set - Update

Yup, I did it again.  I converted another Hsanhe building into a full modular.  This time it's the Hsanhe 6409-2 Apple Store.  It will be the 4th Hsanhe building that I have modified.

This is how the Apple store looked after we built it.   You can find the construction review and pics here.

And here's how the Apple store looks now.  Let's review the changes I made.  I designed the Apple Store so that it only has one brick wall and three walls of windows for lots of visibility.  Well that, plus I don't have a lot of light gray bricks left in my stash either.  To compensate, I used a lot of the windows that come from the Bela Friends sets.

Also, I made the base bigger by adding some more plates.  The base is slightly wider than the standard 16 studs because I wanted to make sure to feature the unique facades on three sides of the building.  

Here's a view where you can see how the building looks from side and rear.  I didn't add any detail to the back of the store.

Yup, pretty plain out back.

Another side view.   From here, you can glimpse the fully detailed interior.

I succumbed to adding the stickers to the set, because otherwise it would have been to too plain.  I made a mistake on the main logo though.  I think I should have used some white bricks instead of black.  You can see that the white from the sticker kind of bleeds through.  It's not a solid white.  Oh well, too late now.

Here's the roof of the Apple Store in closed position.

To ensure structural integrity of the building front, I left a bit of the roof fixed to the building.

The wall shelves that came with the set were relocated to the rear of the building.  I also moved the two cash registers to the back, so that the front of the store is used for product display.

I didn't go too nuts on making a lot of product tables, because it would have been cramped.

I added a small tree to the front and tiled in the sidewalk.

I think it's fitting that one of the Apple store employees has green hair.

Here's the updated Hsanhe Apple Store added to my Lepin modular town.   Hope you have enjoyed the pics.   Until next time, bye bye.