Saturday, May 27, 2017

Gudi 9215 Fire Rescuer Building Set Review

 Hey, welcome back, it's been awhile since I last posted.  I've got a whole bunch of building block sets to review.  Today we will look at the Gudi 9215 Fire Rescuer block set.  I ordered this set from Aliexpress back in February and finally got it last week (middle of May).

This Lego compatible set has 431 pieces. Here's all the pieces after I removed them from their bags.  There is a small sticker sheet for the fire engine.  There's also a useful transparent blue brick separator tool.

Four minifigures come with this building set.  Three of them are firemen and a male minifig who has a defective arm.

Unfortunately he got two left arms and is missing a hand.  I can replace his hand, but don't know if i can replace his arm or not.

All the firemen are laughing and making fun of him, so cruel.

Gudi skimped on the back printing of the minifigs.  They could of least printed the hoodie on the back of the yellow figure.

Yellow man's house is on fire, Help!  This building has lots of windows and doors and accessories, like a ladder, a lamp post and telephone.

Go ahead, just jump and we'll catch you.  Not sure if one can trust these firemen.  They don't even have a net.  I guess it's a good thing that there's no back wall on his house.

Um, yellow guy doesn't want to jump out of his flaming house.  Bring in the ladder truck please.

Despite so many different storage areas and cubbyholes on the fire truck, somebody forgot to bring the life saving equipment.  Got lots of fire extinguishers, though.

Check the back of the truck, maybe we got some equipment there.

Nope, sorry.

Try the other side of the truck.  Darn, so much room but all empty.

Ok, guess we will have to deploy the ladder.  Luckily the Gudi design is pretty good.  The turntable swivels around smoothly and doesn't fall off like the ones on Kazi brand blocks.

The main drawback with the ladder is there's no extension piece.

As you can see, the ladder can pivot quite high and is very sturdy.

 Ok, let's see if we can douse the flames with our water gun.  Um, Mister yellow man, you can just try to climb down the ladder in front of your house if you don't want to get wet.

Before I forget, the roof of the fire truck comes off easily to access the cab compartment.  Funny design though, the fireman doesn't get a chair, he has to stand to drive the truck.  The hose reel tucks back into the firetruck when not in use.

 Here's that sticker sheet that comes with the Fire Rescue set.

Final thoughts:  This Lego compatible set is a Gudi exclusive design, I think.  There's lots of play value in this set with the small two storey building and the fire truck that has so many different features.  I like the swivelling ladder and the fire hose and reel.  The truck comes with lots of storage, but not enough equipment.  You do get some fire extinguishers, a shovel and a walkie talkie though.
The fire truck has the Lego like rims and tires which is also nice.

The only minus is the defective minifigure I got.  If there's one improvement, I would make, it would be to add a ladder extension.  I paid about $10 USD for this set but the normal price on Aliexpress is about $20-30 USD if you search for Gudi 9215.  I think the store that I bought from made a pricing mistake.

 Well, that wraps up my review of the Gudi Fire Rescuer building block set.  Hope you liked it.

Brand:  Gudi
Model:  9215 Fire Rescuer with Building and Fire Truck
Number of minifigs: 4
Number of pieces:  431
Price paid:  about $10 USD from Aliexpress

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